Monday, April 4, 2005

Still going well...mostly

Lots to write about since it's been a while since I wrote last. I still feel like I'm on top of my game. Oh I've got plenty of room for improvement make no mistake about it. I fully intend to just keep improving. I've been mostly playing small limit games online, $0.50/$1.00 and $1.00/$2.00 and for two weeks now have been averaging around 10 big bets an hour or more. It's almost scary but considering the hands that show down when I win I guess I'm not surprised. I keep asking myself "what WERE they thinking?"

I made my first trip to the new poker room in the Melbourne Dog Track. It's an interesting place. Nice enough, better than Daytona but not as nice as Jacksonville. It's easier to get to than either though. It's got its downside. First off its a $2 straight game. $2 ever round not a $1/$2 like it should be. I"ve never been able to decide if it is an expensive $1/$2 game or a cheap $2/$4 game. I know I don't like it nearly as much as a real $1/$2 game. I wonder if the state of Florida will ever allow higher limits. Even a $2/$4 game would be nice. I'd love if they'd allow a game like the 1/4/8/8 spread limit game I like in Gulfport. Probably never happen though. The other thing I didn't like about the Melbourne poker room is the 8 person tables. They do it, no doubt, to get 20% more rake by having the extra 2 people from 4 tables make up a 5th table. I'd much rather play a full table of 10. The blinds come around slower and the pots are bigger when you do enter one. Just that may get me to Daytona a fair amount since other than road work on I-95 right now they are just about a wash time wise.

I did fairly well though in my two visits to Melbourne. I was up $62 the first time in two and a half hours and was down $36 in 4 hours the second time. The second visit I was getting sucked out on by unbelievable hands. I know that is a hazard of low limit "no fold 'em hold 'em" but it gets old after a while. It can make for a very up and down day and it did that day. Of course the first day I took advantage of the people playing crap because they did NOT manage to suck out on me so I guess it all evens up...actually since I came out at least a bit ahead it is not so bad.

I'm going to wrap up now but will have more later, including a bit about our home game this past Saturday night.

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