Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What's wrong?

I am either totally unlucky or have zero poker skills. I've been doing so horribly that it's really not even fun the last day or so. It really started Sunday in Tampa I just felt like I was playing lousy and while I felt like I played well yesterday and today I've had crappy results with today being nearly disasterous.

I'm seriously considering not going to Vegas now. I know I'm kidding myself. I'll never be more than a low to average level player. All I can say is that it's cheaper than  golf.

Hard to believe also that I can manage to be lonely playing with all those people but I have NO friends who are poker players. Connie plays but would rather not discuss the game. It's purely casual entertainment for her. I had one friend who seemed to have a bit of an interest and to be fairly serious but that is no more.

I've found one more thing that not only am I seemingly any good at but am all alone doing. Oh well I'm not really surprised I guess. I should have figured  it would go this way. I'm tired of going on alone with no feedback or anything.


robinngabster said...

If you won all the time it wouldn't be as much fun, have to lose now and then to appreciate the wins!

connielgg said...

I think you have good poker skills but it is a very tough game. All the pros say it is a very hard way to make an easy living. Just try to relax and enjoy it. Maybe it is like people who want to get pregnant but get so stressed about it that they make it harder and when they relax pop comes the baby.

I'm glad you decided we could go to Vegas after all. It's all set for July 1 to the 8th.