Friday, April 8, 2005

A Royal Flush!

I just finished a nearly 3 hour session at a $1/$2 table on Ultimate Bet. I felt like I was playing well. I had to wait 20 minutes to get my first hand to play but that was pocket Aces and they held up. I went on a mini rush then and was up a bit before going into another card dead period.

Almost two hours in I got the hand I'm including below. I think I played it about right except that against most opponents I could not have checked the river with any expectation they would bet but I had a feeling he thought I was weak and would bet. I'm not sure WHY I thought that since I had check raised him on the river. He struck me as a decent player having a bad run but I don't understand his play on this hand at all.

Hand #5156122-10373 at Arlington ($1/$2 Hold'em)
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Started at 08/Apr/05 20:50:49
     jonrash is at seat 0 with $101.25.
     btn72 is at seat 1 with $36.
     jknow56 is at seat 2 with $24.
     WinConsultant is at seat 3 with $44.25.
     Rich_P is at seat 4 with $55.75.
     tjrdawg is at seat 5 with $100.
     VampireFox is at seat 6 with $53.50.
     GAMBLERMAS is at seat 7 with $26.
     Kirker is at seat 8 with $27.
     guru4yall is at seat 9 with $110.75.
     The button is at seat 7.
     Kirker posts the small blind of $.50.
     guru4yall posts the big blind of $1.
     tjrdawg posts out of turn for $1.
       jonrash:  -- --
     btn72:  -- --
     jknow56:  -- --
     WinConsultant:  -- --
     Rich_P:  -- --
     tjrdawg:  -- --
     VampireFox:  -- --
     GAMBLERMAS:  -- --
     Kirker:  -- --
     guru4yall:  Qc Kc
          jonrash folds.   btn72 folds.   jknow56 folds. 
          WinConsultant folds.   Rich_P folds.   tjrdawg checks.
           VampireFox folds.   GAMBLERMAS raises to $2.   Kirker
          calls.   guru4yall calls.   tjrdawg calls.  
  Flop (board: Jc 2d 3c):
          Kirker checks.   guru4yall checks.   tjrdawg bets $1. 
          GAMBLERMAS raises to $2.   Kirker folds.   guru4yall
          calls.   tjrdawg calls.  
  Turn (board: Jc 2d 3c Ac):
          guru4yall checks.   tjrdawg bets $2.   GAMBLERMAS
          folds.   guru4yall raises to $4.   tjrdawg calls.  
  River (board: Jc 2d 3c Ac Tc):
          guru4yall checks.   tjrdawg bets $2.   guru4yall raises
          to $4.   tjrdawg calls.  
     guru4yall shows Qc Kc.
     guru4yall has Qc Kc Jc Ac Tc: straight flush, ace high.
     tjrdawg mucks cards.
     (tjrdawg has Jd 4d.)
  Hand #5156122-10373 Summary:
     $1 is raked froma pot of $30.
     guru4yall wins $29 with straight flush, ace high.

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I just noticed the picture you have on this page. It is a GREAT picture