Monday, June 2, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

I see it's been nearly a year since I posted here. No I have not quit poker despite the way it may have sounded in some of these entries. LOL it's actually a bit embarrassing to go back and read some of what I wrote so I stopped.

I've grown a lot as a poker player in the past year. I seldom get particularly upset at bad beats even when it was a stupid bad beat. It helps some that I seldom play APL any longer I suppose.

I'm mostly living in Hernando, MS now and play regularly at the casinos in Tunica. I only get to Orlando about 2 weeks in 6 or 8 and generally only play APL on Saturday and Sundays.

I'm making steady money in my little 4/8 limit hold'em games. I'll write more about that later. I'll also write about the 7-card stud tournaments that I've been playing (but not winning yet) at the Grand (now Harrah's).

This entry was to toot my horn for winning one of PokerStars WSOP round 1 freerolls and a seat into the weekly final. The prize for THAT one is a seat in the WSOP and 2500 cash if I make it into the top 3.

The tournament started with 5000 players and was a turbo format. I normally hate turbo format tournaments but being as it was all there was and it was free I did it. I played a VERY different game than my normal game, much looser and more open. I got lucky in spots but there was also a bit of good solid play also I think.

Surely you can't get into the top 50 of a 5000 player tournament PURELY on luck. I was actually about 10th when we got down to the final 50 so I didn't just squeak in, I got in very solidly. I'm pretty proud of it even if the competition was probably not exactly world class.

Now will come the weekly final, there will probably be 600-1000 players all vying for 3 available seats. And these are the players who already did well in their freerolls. If my "it can't be all luck" theory holds then I've got my work cut out for me. The good news is that THIS tournament is more my style. 5000 starting chips and blinds of 10/20 with 15 minute levels. I'll have some time to really PLAY.

It's good to finally be back to writing here. I need to do it more as a tool to grow my game I think and just to record things for later years when I want to look back.

More later....