Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday Tournament

Connie loves tournaments and when she decided to play Paradise Poker's 4:00 Big Buck tournament I figured why not, it's only a buck after all. The blinds in this one go up very rapidly so you really have to play a lot. I was doing pretty well when, with blinds at 200/400 with 25 antes and 3600 or so chips I got pocket tens. One smaller stack went all in and had one caller, I raised all in and was called. My pocket tens were in second place it turned out as the small stack had 7's and the bigger stack (naturally) had Q's. The flop came QTA meaning the 7's were just about drawing dead and I was drawing really thin with only very few outs. My hopes were for running JK to make a straight or the sole remaining T. The turn came another A giving us both full houses but mine was the smaller. I now had one out on the river. A 6 fell and I was done in 319th but out of 1234 who started I guess it could have been worse. I think I put my money in when I needed to so I feel good about that.

The weekend's cash games have been disappointing. Yesterday I could get nothing going at all. On the other hand I didn't lose much so considering that I spend hours being card dead that's not bad. I had a so so session this morning that at least has me ahead for the weekend so far. I'm sure I'll play some more, maybe even trying some cash games on Poker Stars or one of their two table sit and go's.


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connielgg said...

Don't forget dear, just the previous entry you said you needed to remember it was fun not all about making money.