Thursday, April 14, 2005

Fun over profit

I think sometimes I focus too much on trying to make money playing and not enough on having fun. Last night I felt like playing a Sit n Go but didn't feel like investing much because I've not been playing much no-limit this week and was feeling pretty un-lucky anyway. I decided to just play a $1+.10 one on UB. At first I thought, "why bother, you stand to win a whole $5 for over an hours work." Then I figured out I was kind of looking at it wrong. Not only would I get just as much fun out of playing a $1 SnG as I would a larger one but it would be good practice and besides what other game can I play for an hour or hour and a half and MAKE money? I mean if I was to go play golf it would take four hours and cost $30 with no hope of making any back. (I stand a LOT better chance making money at poker than I EVER will at golf!!!)

Anyway I played it and I won it. Not only am I $5 richer (minus the $1.10 cost) but I got about an hour and fifteen minutes entertainment as well as some decent practice. The competition was a tad soft, the table very loose passive which makes it very easy to play with my tight aggressive style. In the early stages I just mostly sat and let them bash each other apart. Once it got down to 6 people and the blinds got up around 50/100 I started to play a bit more. Luck was with me and I got the hands I needed when I needed them and I found myself with over 11,000 chips (of 15,000 on the table) with three people left. I got a scare briefly when I got down to heads up and lost a couple of hands to find myself tied with the other player. I just hunkered down and pulled it out though finally winning on pocket tens against AJo.

In the future I'll be more prone to play for fun I hope and put profit second. Somehow I have a feeling profit will follow eventually and thankfully I don't have to play to eat. I can't even imagine having to play with that kind of pressure.

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