Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Have I found something?

I'm back to playing more cash games than tournaments but will try hard to continue to focus more on tournaments at least through WSOP time. Actually playing in that this year is probably not realistic but I'm sure there will be worse players there. I would rather not play being only dead money though. If I play I want to feel I have at least some chance to win it. Can I really play poker on that  level? Realistically no but on the other hand I don't see how I can  learn to play with the big boys if I don't try. Yeah it may not be pretty for a while but I learn pretty good so I have hopes I'll learn every time.

I've been focusing on a small, $0.50/$1.00 cash game UltimateBet and have been consistently beating it  for over a week. In part this is due to having poor  players to take advantage  of although there are some really good ones i've had to watch out for as well. I've also identified and fixed, permenently I hope, some leaks in my game. I'll probably stick to this smaller game for a bit more and then try moving up through the limits once  again.

It could be that I'll do better playing two tables at this level rather than playing a larger limit. There is just some appeal of moving up though. I guess it's an ego thing. Of course there  is also the chance of making more  money and while I do truly enjoy poker I have to be honest  enough with myself to admit that i'm really happiest when i'm making money and happier when I'm making more. It's my one and only source of income at the moment and unless I get moving and sell a novel it will continue that way. Since i'm feeling far more motivated to play poker  rather than slog through re-writes of any of a  few manuscripts I've got I'll be hoping poker works well.

I'd love to get to Gulfport soon to play there but with gas prices now well over $2 a gallon i'm not sure it's economically feasible to go. It would be a great vacation but as a business venture it would be dubious at best. I might actually do better to fly to Vegas. I'm exploring that alternative too since i've always done well in the 1/4/8/8 game in Gulfport and am sure I could  find some low limit games in Vegas I could do decent in.

It just feels good to finally feel on top of my game. I just hope it's not all just a run of good luck. That certainly is a factor but I do think there is a little skill there since I'm getting pretty good at putting people on hands. Now if only i'd listen to my instincts a bit more....

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