Monday, March 21, 2005

One to learn from

Well I just busted out of the Monday morning 10:00 $5+.50 tournament in 130th place. 243 players started this one. I was playing fairly well although I was surprisingly sleepy for some reason. That is no excuse for the hand I went out on though.  I'll just paste it in here I guess. Surely there can be no harm in revealing the other players screen names so it shouldn't matter. I'll stop doing it if anybody complains. I played it too timidly and then made the mistake of calling off all my chips on the river. I know better. I would have been left with a tad over 900 chips, not good but better by far than being out.

Hand #5005153-57 at Mon10amA-017 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 21/Mar/05 10:51:08
     guru4yall is at seat 0 with 1715.
     cleverguy13 is at seat 1 with 2060.
     nickalotpot is at seat 2 with 4110.
     johnnysack is at seat 3 with 2890.
     gamebuff5 is at seat 4 with 2195.
     U4ia is at seat 5 with 915.
     1Mo4DaRoad is at seat 6 with 2250.
     midwest PG is at seat 7 with 2915.
     MrOlu is at seat 9 with 2275.
     The button is at seat 6.
     midwest PG posts the small blind of 30.
     MrOlu posts the big blind of 60.

     guru4yall:  Ks Kc
     cleverguy13:  -- --
     nickalotpot:  -- --
     johnnysack:  -- --
     gamebuff5:  -- --
     U4ia:  -- --
     1Mo4DaRoad:  -- --
     midwest PG:  -- --
     MrOlu:  -- --

          guru4yall raises to 180.   cleverguy13 folds. 
          nickalotpot folds.   johnnysack folds.   gamebuff5
          calls.   U4ia calls.   1Mo4DaRoad folds.   midwest PG
          folds.   MrOlu folds.  

Flop (board: 6d 2d 3s):
          guru4yall bets 630.   gamebuff5 calls.   U4ia folds. 

Turn (board: 6d 2d 3s 4s):
          guru4yall checks.   gamebuff5 checks.  

River (board: 6d 2d 3s 4s Jd):
          guru4yall checks.   gamebuff5 goes all-in for 1385. 
          guru4yall goes all-in for 905.   gamebuff5 is returned
          480 (uncalled).  

          Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
               guru4yall shows Ks Kc.
               gamebuff5 shows Kd Ad.


     guru4yall has Ks Kc 6d 4s Jd: a pair of kings.
     gamebuff5 has Kd Ad 6d 2d Jd: flush, ace high.

Hand #5005153-57 Summary:
     No rake is taken for this hand.
     gamebuff5 wins 3700 with flush, ace high.

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