Sunday, March 20, 2005

Tonight's tournament results

I played Ultimate Bet's $5+.50 tournament at 7:00pm tonight. I was pretty much card dead most of the night. I managed to pick up one good pot and double up on pocket 6's as well as steal the blinds several times. There were really no terribly memorable hands.

710 people started the tournament and I went out in 147th with the blinds at 150/300. I had 2500 or so chips left in the big blind. Everybody folded to the small blind who raised to 600. I called with Ad6c. The flop came all low diamonds. The small blind bet out 300. I thought about it a bit and decided to raise all-in hoping really to win the pot right there but figuring any A, 6 or diamond might win it for me. The SB called after a lot of thought and showed A3 giving him a pair of 3's and putting me behind and with 3 fewer outs than i'd hoped. As it was any diamond or any 6 would give me the hand. That gave me 13 outs. Unfortunately none of them hit and out I went. I still feel I put my remaining chips in in the right situation. I could have won the pot outright and did have quite a few outs even if I got called.

That's it for tonight. I'm going to chat for a while and then go to bed so no more poker tonight.

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