Sunday, March 20, 2005


Welcome to my journal. I envision this as a way to capture my triumphs and tragedies as I play my way, hopefully, to better and better poker. I will probably rant about bad beats and suck outs i've suffered as well as from time to time gloating about the same i've laid on other poor people who will probably be ranting in their own journals about me :)

The name of the journal, Pocket Queens is kind of a joke in that it's arguably my least favorite of hands. Oh I know it's a fairly good starting hand in Texas Hold'em but it's hurt me so many times! It has hurt me when I hold it and hurt me when I play against it. Just yesterday it bit me in the ass again when I was holding pocket deuces and the flop came 2QQ. I'm thinking, wow, flopped a full house, this is great. All seemed well until the cards were turned over and I saw that I'd been behind the whole time as my opponent had flopped quad Queens. Should I have been able to tell? I mean he did play fairly hard and there were a couple of hands he could have had that had me beat from the beginning. He could have had the QQ he did have or could have had Q2 and I'd have been behind. I just figured him for something like QA. Oh well, live and learn but that's just another example of why I really don't like Pocket Queens much.

I hope you, the reader will like Pocket Queens the journal though. Please feel free to comment either in the journal or in email.

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robinngabster said...

Looks like another winner of a journal!