Sunday, March 5, 2006

One more time

As of tomorrow morning I'm off to Tunica one more time. I'm actually going in a relatively positive frame of mind. I've had a good dose of reality so some of my previous hopes and dreams are a bit toned down, or at least not really expected to happen anytime soon. I do think I can go this time and have a fun and possibly even profitable time.

The apartment thing is on hold for a couple of reasons. First is that I have tons of stuff to do to get the other house ready for when Connie and I move into it and I don't think I can take the time to spend two weeks out of every month in Tunica. I don't need to yet, we don't need the money. Even if I did show a profit it would not be enough to change things now. That will be different if we're living there anyway and living on Connie's (then) teaching salary which will be around a third or less what she makes now. That's three to four years down the road now and I'm not ready for the stress of feeling I have to make money playing. It was messing me up emotionally and it was stupid thinking the way I was because I have three to four more years to get better and let things settle out. Who knows where poker will go in that time.

Another reason not to bother with an apartment now is that I can get rooms at the Grand for $35 weekdays and $45 weekends and for two weeks that adds up to less than rent and utilities and such would be. True I give up some convenience but it's well worth it in terms of flexibility and less hassle.

I'm thinking I can work in one more trip before our cruise that is planned for May 27th in honor of Lee's high school graduation. If things go VERY well I may try to squeeze in two trips. For that to happen I'd have to place in the top three in a tourney there or make $500 or more over my expenses on this trip, or both. It's not likely to happen. I may not even PLAY any tourneys and I'll only be there for eight nights so I'd have to clear a bit over $100 a day to make $500 over expenses. It's not impossible but the way things have been going it's not likely. I'll be VERY happy to make enough to break even for the trip.

I did, FINALLY, cash in a tournament last night. It was only a tiny little 45 seat sit and go but I placed 2nd, felt like I played well and felt like some luck had come back. Actually I don't feel like I've been playing all that poorly either in NL tournaments orin limit cash games. I have identified some problems but for the most part I've been doing the right thing and just getting beat. There are times when I can really relate to Phill Hellmuth's much ridiculed statement "If it wasn't for luck I'd win every one." I'm sure knows that no matter how good you are there IS luck involved. Lord knows I know that now after having it hammered into my head over and over again. By the way I'm in no way comparing myself to Phil. He may be a bit annoying to watch but I'd still love to have his skills. Probably I'll never come close but I'll keep trying, in between temper tantrums of my own I'm afraid. I realize that they are unproductive in so many ways though and I"m really trying to eliminate them. It will be an ongoing battle, wish me well.

I'll post the good, the bad and the ugly from Tunica. I'm not sure how regularly but I'll do what I can.

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