Saturday, March 11, 2006

Is this normal?

My trip to Tunica in January was, in my view at the time, a near disaster. Looking back it actually was not THAT bad. I didn't come away a winner but I didn't ding my bankroll that badly at all.

This trip is the mirror image of that one. I've had down sessions but more up sessions. I'm up a bit over $500 purely on Hold'em winnings. Then there is the fact that the bad beat jackpot hit yesterday while I was at the table and that netted me another $750 after taxes and tips.

I guess it's normal for it to be hot and cold. I know I didn't play nearly as well in January as I could have but I didn't play that badly either. I was getting sucked out on a lot which I realize is going to happen in such a low limit game as 4/8 where people just want to play every hand and have fun.

This is going to take a lot of mental adjustment for me because while I like the upswings I get far too down about the downswings. I need to learn to have faith in what I'm doing. That's never been my strong suit. Maybe poker will be the thing that will somehow help me develop some confidence in my abilities. I hope that is the case and I hope it spreads to other facets of my life.

I may post some more detailed info on the games I've played but for now if you want to read more about the trip go to my main journal. You can find the link to My Journey in the sidebar.

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