Friday, August 26, 2005

Tough week

This is being a tough week. I've not had a decent tournament showing since I took third in the $65 buy in morning tournament at MGM a week ago tuesday. I think that mostly I'm just having bad luck but I also wonder if that accounts for all of it. For that matter I'm starting to once again question if my limited successes have been more luck than skill. It's so easy to start doubting yourself and I know no one who can sit down with me and analyze what I've been doing or watch while I play and critique my play. Oh how I'd love to find a mentor but with my virtual inability to make friends that is very unlikely to happen. I'll just have to spend some more time in books and keep practicing and hope that my skills get better and I find some luck somewhere along the way (other than bad luck, that I have plenty of.).

I should have posted an entry about the MGM tournament I got third in when I was still on a high from it and believed it wasn't just luck that got me there. Now is not the time to write about it. Oh well.

I'm off to get some tums or something, the 27 seat sit and go's I've busted out of tonight have me feeling like I'm getting an ulcer...also has me wanting chocolate, a lot of chocolate. Sigh.


robinngabster said...

Inability to make friends? Is that why you have so many people online that care about you? SIlly man! Eat some chocolate and relax....something like poker isn't an exact science. I mean you can't control what you are dealt...can you?

connielgg said...

I KNOW it isn't all luck. You are good at poker but you can't control the cards that you are dealt. I do think you should study poker for awhile to get away from playing. Maybe your luck with change during the time you are studying.

I have faith in you whether you do or not.