Tuesday, September 13, 2005

An apology to pocket Queens

Lots I should catch up on here since lots has gone on since my last entry. I had no idea it had been that long and I will catch up on poker doings soon.

Right now though I owe pocket Queens a little bit of an apology. They CAN work out fabulously as this hand shows...

Hand #8113211-10750 at Madrid ($.50/$1 Hold'em)
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Started at 13/Sep/05 11:43:50
     goirish8 is at seat 0 with $47.35.
     wingnut_willy is at seat 1 with $22.50.
     pikoo is at seat 2 with $38.65.
     glenn453 is at seat 3 with $45.45.
     Country Livin is at seat 4 with $2.65.
     guru4yall is at seat 5 with $41.35.
     ToBones is at seat 6 with $57.95.
     bellypelly is at seat 7 with $17.25.
     St of Killers is at seat 8 with $23.55.
     mancie is at seat 9 with $77.75.
     The button is at seat 9.
     goirish8 posts the small blind of $.25.
     wingnut_willy posts the big blind of $.50.

     goirish8:  -- --
     wingnut_willy:  -- --
     pikoo:  -- --
     glenn453:  -- --
     Country Livin:  -- --
     guru4yall:  Qh Qc
     ToBones:  -- --
     bellypelly:  -- --
     St of Killers:  -- --
     mancie:  -- --

          pikoo folds.   glenn453 folds.   Country Livin calls. 
          guru4yall raises to $1.   ToBones folds.   bellypelly
          folds.   St of Killers calls.   mancie folds. 
          goirish8 folds.   wingnut_willy calls.   Country Livin

Flop (board: 7s Qs Qd):
          wingnut_willy checks.   Country Livin checks. 
          guru4yall checks.   St of Killers checks.  

Turn (board: 7s Qs Qd 6d):
          wingnut_willy checks.   Country Livin checks. 
          guru4yall bets $1.   St of Killers folds. 
          wingnut_willy raises to $2.   Country Livin folds. 
          guru4yall calls.  

River (board: 7s Qs Qd 6d 2c):
          wingnut_willy bets $1.   guru4yall raises to $2. 
          wingnut_willy calls.  


     guru4yall shows Qh Qc.
     guru4yall has Qh Qc 7s Qs Qd: four queens.
     wingnut_willy mucks cards.
     (wingnut_willy has Kc 7h.)

Hand #8113211-10750 Summary:
     $.60 is raked from a pot of $12.25.
     guru4yall wins $11.65 with four queens.

Wasn't a very big game but it adds up, at the least these $0.50/$1.00 games pay my tournament buy ins :) Hands like this help too!


robinngabster said...

I have a Spanish to English translation book...is there a Poker to English book? It's greek to me but if you had fun and you won then....YIPPEE!!!!!  Way to go pumpkin! xoxo

ktfool1 said...

That will teach you to complain about pocket queens.  Like we talked about before I like how you played this hand.  And remember even Bill Gates plays at the low limit tables.  ha ha ... that was such a funny story.