Monday, September 19, 2005

Another Final Table

This afternoon I played the $5+.50 buy-in tournament on UB. I play that one or the one in the morning several times a week. I've gotten where I cash fairly regularly which is very encouraging. I made the final table again today. At one point I was even leading.

I ended up finishing 7th after a somewhat dubious call. Ok maybe it was a stupid call. I was getting short stacked though with barely over 10x the big blind and when I hit top pair I went for it only to be shown top TWO pair by the chip leader. Well that's why he was the chip leader and I was out in 7th I guess :)

I'm learning and make fewer stupid plays like that now. Usually I limp along the whole tournament with a short stack just barely hanging on. I can generally make the money just doing that but it's a hell of a nerve-wracking way to play. Today was nice with plenty of chips to play with most of the day. I felt, if anything, like I played a bit on the timid side too much of the time but by no means all the time of course.

Maybe it's time to start playing some larger buy-in tournaments. I've played $10 and $20 tournaments online and cashed in both although I have yet to make a final table at one. I've also played UB's $200+$15 Sunday evening tournament after winning a seat for $3 in a rebuy satellite. I didn't cash in that one but felt like I was competative. I keep playing the satellites but have yet to win another seat. I've actually been wondering about just buying in. Probably I won't do this unless I win the $215 in some other tournament either a satellite or some other tournament. The $10 and $20 buy in tournaments could provide a good source of buy-ins for larger tournaments. I just need to step out and take a chance. I think it's time to try to step my game up to a new level. I'm getting too comfortable here. Actually right where I am could be very useful once Connie is teaching, the money I'm making would actually help us then. Now it could be better used being plowed back into trying to find out how good I can get at this game.

I guess I need to keep referring back to the entry I wrote about "Live like you were dying." I'm not dying but why wait? :)

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