Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Two Satellites, two disappointing finishes

I played two satellites today both $3 rebuy satellites for main events on Sunday.

The first was on UB and early on I had pocket aces overtaken by a worse hand and had to rebuy. I finally went out in that one when, holding pocket 8's,  I called an all in from a loose player. They flipped over pocket 7's and you'd think I was home free but fate didn't have that in mind, a 7 flopped and I didn't manage an 8 or the 10 I needed for a straight. My day was done, out in 20th place with 40 entries in that one.

The next satellite was on Poker Stars and was for the Sunday $500,000 guaranteed event. I played fairly well and decided to take the add on at the end of the rebuy period. I was not near the lead but I was roughly at the average stack size. Just before the second break at the 200/400 level (50 ante) I picked up pocket aces and made a healthy preflop raise. One other player raised me all-in with enough to cover my 8000+ chips. I couldn't not call. I really needed to double up. I hate calling off all my chips but I'd have gone all-in preflop if I thought I'd get a caller or two. He flipped over pocket 9's and you guessed it a 9 flopped ending my day. There were 392 entries in that one and I was out in 152nd. I needed to be in the top 19 for a seat that time.

Obviously this was just not my day but tomorrow will be another day.

Connie and I may go check out the Amateur Poker League thing they have at a local billiards place on Wednesday nights. The weather is REALLY bad though so it may not be worth going out. She just called and said she is not even leaving work until it settles down some. I'm interested to see how this league thing works since they don't play for money, just points or something. If it's decent poker it could be fun and good practice and have the side benefit of meeting some local people who play poker. I'm sure if and when I finally get there I'll write about it here.

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robinngabster said...

Would be a good way to practice! Be careful if you go out in bad weather!