Monday, January 30, 2006

FISH - a definition

I don't often explain poker terms here but since, as near as I can tell, Robin is the only person who even reads this (except maybe Connie every now and again to check up on me) I will explain a term from my last entry.

I said I was going go get some fish food... here is the definition of the term fish as it is used in poker:

FISH - a sucker or a player who is either clueless or a very bad player.

Now I grant you that if you look at me you'd say I'd been plenty well fed that is just too good a sale on fish food to pass up so if you'll pardon me...

1 comment:

robinngabster said...

Ahhh...I thought maybe you were taking up the game "Go FIsh" and needed food for it. LOL!   I don't think you are a sucker!  Unless you are a kissing fish! Muaaah!