Monday, January 30, 2006

Bad play or bad luck?

Where did I go wrong on this hand? No matter what I get and how good it looks it loses lately. Has to be me...maybe not this hand although I have my doubts about the way I played this but in general my luck can't be this much in the crapper. I must just not be able to play this game called poker. You check out this hand, I'm going to check out the bus schedules to find one to walk in front of....

Getting Hand History Information...

Hand #11234944-4498 at Powell ($1/$2 Hold'em)
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Started at 30/Jan/06 17:32:57
     Camian is at seat 0 with $112.
     Garfield1967 is at seat 1 with $45.25.
     worf21 is at seat 2 with $74.
     lowoncash is at seat 3 with $105.50.
     Fireman727 is at seat 4 with $93.
     marz0629 is at seat 5 with $96.
     petitefille is at seat 6 with $95.50.
     Owen69 is at seat 7 with $44.
     colddimes is at seat 8 with $53.50.
     guru4yall is at seat 9 with $64.
     The button is at seat 9.
     Camian posts the small blind of $.50.
     Garfield1967 posts the big blind of $1.

     Camian:  -- --
     Garfield1967:  -- --
     worf21:  -- --
     lowoncash:  -- --
     Fireman727:  -- --
     marz0629:  -- --
     petitefille:  -- --
     Owen69:  -- --
     colddimes:  -- --
     guru4yall:  Th Ts

          worf21 calls.   lowoncash folds.   Fireman727 calls. 
          marz0629 folds.   petitefille calls.   Owen69 folds. 
          colddimes folds.   guru4yall calls.   Camian folds. 
          Garfield1967 checks.  

Flop (board: 9s 2s 2d):
          Garfield1967 checks.   worf21 bets $1.   Fireman727
          calls.   petitefille raises to $2.   guru4yall calls. 
          Garfield1967 calls.   worf21 folds.   Fireman727 calls.

Turn (board: 9s 2s 2d 2h):
          Garfield1967 checks.   Fireman727 checks.   petitefille
          bets $2.   guru4yall calls.   Garfield1967 raises to
          $4.   Fireman727 folds.   petitefille calls. 
          guru4yall calls.  

River (board: 9s 2s 2d 2h Jd):
          Garfield1967 bets $2.   petitefille calls.   guru4yall


     Garfield1967 shows 2c 7c.
     Garfield1967 has 2c 2s 2d 2h Jd: four deuces.
     petitefille mucks cards.
     (petitefille has Tc 9c.)
     guru4yall mucks cards.
     (guru4yall has Th Ts.)

Hand #11234944-4498 Summary:
     $1 is raked from a pot of $32.50.
     Garfield1967 wins $31.50 with four deuces.

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