Thursday, October 13, 2005

Make that four

33rd out of 45 in my 4th one today. Raised 5 times the big blind under the gun with pocket Jacks. Somebody in Middle position called Cut off went all in. I had him covered by about 300 chips. I thought about it for a while and re-raised all in. Middle position called with about 225 more chips than the Cutoff man had. Three all-in with a side pot of about 450. I forget now what the Middle position guy had but it was junk. Cut off had AJ off suit. I'm thinking great all i've got to do is dodge an Ace. Wanna guess what the flop had in it? An Ace you say? No My luck is not even that good it had TWO aces so I was drawing dead. Cutoff wins the pot, triples up. I win the side pot and have 450 left with blinds of 15/30. My call was not real bright I guess but I think the Cutoff reraising all in was kinda dumb considering my large preflop raise under the gun indicated a very strong hand, had to be easy to read me on a big pocket pair. I actually hoped somebody would think Aces or Kings.

I finally went all in with around 350 chips and blinds of 25/50 from early position with KQ offsuit. I know, it was weak but at 7 times the big blind I couldn't be too picky I felt. AT least this time I was beat by a real hand. A Queen hit and the one person in the hand after the third caller folded showed AQ so I was out kicked.

It's been one of those times that I don't know if my decisions are suspect or I'm just having realy bad luck. Some of both I suppose. I'm really doubting any and every decision I make now and just fully expect to be out drawn no matter what I play. How do you get out of this mindset?

I need a mentor. I'd kill for a mentor. None on the horizon and who'd want to waste their time trying to teach me anyway?

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