Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bad time for a slump

I appear to be in a very large slump, either that or I just can't play and if I suggest that I get yelled at so I'll just assume that the Poker Gods are against me. Three 45 seat sit and go tournaments today and no finish better than a stinking 16th. I could have sat out and been blinded out slower.

It is going to be very hard to go to Tunica feeling like this and play well. I'm starting to play very defensively, always assuming I'm going to be outdrawn because so much I am being out drawn. It makes me very easy to be out played so this trip is probably not gonna be good on my bankroll. I guess I have to do it though even though my whole being is screaming that this is the wrong thing. But I've been wrong so much lately I don't even trust that.

I hate playing like this and feeling like I'm constantly being out played. Sigh...I guess this too shall pass, lets just hope it does before my entire bankroll does. I DID get a 6th in one SnG earlier this week that paid for a little bit of this. What worries me is that any tournaments and cash games I will be playing in Tunica have MUCH more power to damage my bankroll than the little crap I've been playing online.

Actually the fact that I'm playing low buy in stuff may be hurting me because you can't fold these people up by having or representing a good hand, even when they have total crap they will usually call and frequently suck out. I wish I had the guts to really step up and risk some decent money on buy ins...oh well...maybe I'm learning something this way.


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robinngabster said...

Sorry you are in a slump need to play cards with a moron like me. I can't even win at Old Maid...unless I am the old maid.  I have a good feeling about you going to Tunica.  Make it a time for reflection and positive thoughts...I think you are going to surprise yourself.  My toes and fingers are crossed for you. ;)