Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I still don't have much confidence in my abilities but I recognize that it's not really about poker but life in general. I've been playing very low limit games online and doing ok. I've also been to Daytona a few times and have done acceptably. I don't feel like in either of those venues I'm being outplayed much at any rate. That is not saying a whole lot I realize but it's something. Nice to know I'm as good as somebody if not better.

I played a tiny little $1 sit and go today and finished second. Overall I feel I played acceptably. I even made a few good plays I think. I also kept the bad plays to a minimum. I got heads up with about an 8 to 1 chip advantage though and managed to end up finishing second. Still I think I played ok.

I've got a trip to the Gulfport-Biloxi area of Mississippi coming up June 12-17. I hope to play a couple of NL tournaments and a lot of their 1-4-8-8 cash game. Mostly I want to go have fun and relax, walk on the beach, play some video poker as well, eat at a buffet or two (and still try to stay within  my WW points).

July 1-7 Connie and I are going to Vegas. I'm no longer sure at all about trying to get into a satellite. I'll see how I do in Gulfport I guess. I know we'll have fun in Vegas though. I could spend a whole week just walking up and down the strip exploring the hotels and casinos. We'll have a car and I plan to visit some of the off strip locals casinos where they have good video poker. I do hope to play some low limit hold'em while I'm there too of course but doubt I'll get over $2-$4 unless I somehow magically acquire some confidence between now and then.

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