Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bubble Boy

Smiling here. What else can I do? I just went out of yet ANOTHER tournament on the bubble. For the uninitiated that means the last position before the money starts. I mean it's good that I'm getting so high up in the field. This one was another of the 45 players sit and go's and for like the 4th time in the past week I made the final table only to finish out of the money. Maybe my aggression is working against me at that point although it's what has gotten me there usualy. Take tonight. I was just not getting cards and was allowed to limp into a pot where it seemed to me nobody hit the flop so I bet at it. Not enough because I got one caller. Still I just didn't think he had much of it. I did have a tiny piece so when the turn brought an obvious blank I bet a bit bigger and sure enough he gave up. I did that, or something similar several times. I figure if I can't get good cards to play I'll just play the ones I have like they WERE good. Got to be careful of course and I did have to dump a couple of hands when it was obvious that my opponent had hit something but in general it worked great. I'm happy with my tournament play lately and my cash game play as well. Looks like Vegas will be fun next week!

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robinngabster said...

You silly bubble boy you! I like thinking of you smiling. xoxo