Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Missing live play

I'm realy missing sitting at a table with live players. I'm finding my usual online limit games very tedious. Even at the same limits I've always done well at I'm lucky to break even over time lately it seems like. It's been frustrating because the hands shown down are very weak. I just can't get cards to challenge them and when I do I get out drawn. I know I have to expect the outdraws and usually I don't mind. When I'm sitting there grinding away for a couple of hours for virtually nothing though it gets old.

I may switch to almost exclusively NL tournament play online. As I said in the previous entry I've done well in Poker Stars rebuy satellites for the Atlantis WPT tournament, not good enough yet to win a seat to the next level but I'm a net plus as far as costs go and I see no reason I can't win a seat the way I'm going.

I got frustrated yesterday and played a couple of sit and go's on UB yesterday. The first one I did pretty badly in. Not as much because of my play which I will admit started out a bit loose (well my my standards) but mostly I just didn't get cards. It happens. The second one went much better. With four players to go I was the short stack. By the time it was heads up the chip leader had a nearly 5:1 chip lead. He totally lost his patience though. He was making comments like "hurry up idiot" and "goooooo". Do you think I sped up because he intimidated me? Nope. I didn't exactly slow down but I did play very deliberately and very silently. In the end I took down first place. I guess he was in such a hurry he was willing to take second place. That's fine with me. I hope to find him again, or those like him. It was one of the easier heads up battles I've had. I'm not even sure it was good experience except that any heads up situation is probably good practice. It definately showed me that patience pays!

A bit less than two weeks and I'll be back in Tunica for a while and then again in January. Alas I don't think I can work in a trip between the two times because of holidays. I'll survive although you'll probably have to listen to me whine a bit.

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robinngabster said...

You whine? I don't believe it!   ;)