Sunday, May 8, 2005


Nothing spectacular to report really. I played two tournaments this weekend. Both were low buy in's. I feel I did pretty well, no major mistakes, just didn't get what I needed to get in the money in either.

I played a $1/$2 cash game this evening and it started horribly. What I'm satisfied with is that I stuck to it and came out ahead. It took two hours to get to where I was up $5 but I came back from nearly $30 down early on. I feel I stuck to my game, played it the best I could and it worked out. Luck was up and down the whole night but obviously was slightly more up than down which is always good. If I'd been playing a $50/$100 table I'd have even made enough money to be useful :) Oh well, that will come in time.

Lots of learning in my future yet before I'm ready for anything much later than the $1/$2 tables. The notable exception would be the $1/$4/$8/$8 tables in Biloxi and Gulfport where I've always done well. I thought seriously about going this coming week but hesitated to do so because Connie has been gone so much and I've barely seen her. I've been so cranky though this weekend she probably wishes I'd go I imagine. I'm still thinking I may go. I could leave Tuesday and stay over Friday night. Normally I don't but there's no reason I can't if I can get a room. If not I can just come back on Friday.

We've, maybe, got a game here at home Saturday so I have to be back for that. I'm not sure anyone is even coming though. We'd had such poor turnouts that this is going to be the last one we try to organize. Anybody want to play Saturday night? Let me know and I'll give you directions :) (I'm not holding my breath on that one!)


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