Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Out kinda early in another tournament

Just got bounced out of the 2:00 tournament on UB in 172nd place. 340 started. I was off to a quick start then slid back. I had a respectable if not fantastic chip count when this last hand came up. I felt the gamble was worth it...obviously I wish I had it to do over but then i'm not so sure it was such a bad thing. The main thing I think I did wrong was not raise pre-flop. I'd love to hear different if anybody would care to critique it :) (like anybody reads this...except you Robin..thanks for hanging in there through something that must be like Greek to you).

Here is the hand, you decide, how badly did I screw up?

Hand #5870958-60 at Tue2pmA-014 (No Limit tournament Hold'em)
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Started at 10/May/05 14:56:23
     guru4yall is at seat 0 with 2145.
     murt is at seat 1 with 2230.
     packman25 is at seat 2 with 3190.
     N8dogg2231 is at seat 3 with 2635.
     BigBlueNation is at seat 4 with 2530.
     Showpony is at seat 5 with 4810.
     Tooley is at seat 6 with 5690.
     Trout Bum is at seat 7 with 1395.
     jantan is at seat 8 with 660.
     dedave is at seat 9 with 1840.
     The button is at seat 1.
     packman25 posts the small blind of 30.
     N8dogg2231 posts the big blind of 60.

     guru4yall:  9d 9h
     murt:  -- --
     packman25:  -- --
     N8dogg2231:  -- --
     BigBlueNation:  -- --
     Showpony:  -- --
     Tooley:  -- --
     Trout Bum:  -- --
     jantan:  -- --
     dedave:  -- --

          BigBlueNation folds.   Showpony calls.   Tooley folds.
           Trout Bum calls.   jantan calls.   dedave folds. 
          guru4yall calls.   murt calls.   packman25 calls. 
          N8dogg2231 checks.  

Flop (board: 3c Ts 8d):
          packman25 checks.   N8dogg2231 checks.   Showpony
          checks.   Trout Bum checks.   jantan checks. 
          guru4yall bets 400.   murt calls.   packman25 folds. 
          N8dogg2231 folds.   Showpony folds.   Trout Bum folds.
           jantan folds.  

Turn (board: 3c Ts 8d Qh):
          guru4yall goes all-in for 1685.   murt calls.  

          Tournament all-in showdown -- players show:
               guru4yall shows 9d 9h.
               murt shows 7c Tc.

River (board: 3c Ts 8d Qh Kc):
        (no action in this round)


     guru4yall has 9d 9h Ts Qh Kc: a pair of nines.
     murt has Tc Ts 8d Qh Kc: a pair of tens.

Hand #5870958-60 Summary:
     No rake is taken for this hand.
     murt wins 4590 with a pair of tens.


robinngabster said...

I don't think you did so bad considering...yeah considering I have no idea what you are talking about. I just skim the entry and look for dollar signs and if you are happy or sad! xoxo

guru4yall said...

lol that works for me :) Nice to know you take the time to read them :)

barracudaq said...

I wouldn't have gone all in with an overcard on the board, I think I'd have made a value bet to see if anyone was stronger than me, if no one raised, the next time I'd probably have checked if possible all the way thru the hand...or made another small value bet...if the other player was slow playing me, at least this way I'd have been able to get away without being knocked out of the tourney. :)