Tuesday, April 4, 2006

The End

This, unless something major happens very soon, will be the last entry in this journal. It's time to face the fact that I'm just not a good poker player and I lack what it takes to become one. It's not the first thing I've failed at and won't be the last. Shortly I will begin cashing out my online accounts except for possibly a very small amount on Poker Stars to use to play some of the tiny little $1 45 seat tournaments. This coming trip to Tunica will probably be mostly in the nature of a goodbye to poker trip, if I even make it. I'm thinking of just staying home and working on the house on Wickersham. That was making me happy even though the work was hard and I'm not as happy with the results as I could be. I am a lot better at that then I am at poker anyway. To anybody that did read this journal thank you for any support you gave me. If you were lurking just to see how I was doing or whatever you know know the end of the story. I admit it. I have failed...again.

I will probably keep this journal just to remind me not to get my hopes up ever again. I'll never be really good at anything. I'll never have much in the way of friends. I'll be a little old man digging around in his yard, all alone.

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robinngabster said...

Sorry to hear you are giving up. Hope you change your mind.  I think will all things there are good days and bad days. Just think if you were a stock trader and had a bad day...

Just like motherhood. Sometimes I have a good day and think I am doing a great job as a Mom and then I have a bad day and think I have failed. Hang in there...and I KNOW you have friends.