Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Aruba Satellite

I just finished a $3 + rebuys satellite for an entry to a $200 + $15. Wow was this thing wild! 46 people entered. There were 96 rebuys and 20 of the 29 people left at the end of the rebuy period did the add on. I thought I was just going to bail on this one during the rebuy period, the people were acting totally nuts. I had determined that rebuying would not be worth it. I was down to around 1100 chips when the guy to my right started one all in after another, rebuying when it didn't go his way. He did it in fairly late position meaning few potential callers after me and I had pocket 3's, not a great hand but I figured what the hell, I was so short stacked relative to the leaders that I just went for it. That doubled me up. Then the next hand he did it again and I had pocket 8's so I went for it again and doubled up again. A few hands later I did it again, or nearly and hit the end of the rebuy period very close to average in chips so I went ahead and paid the $3 for an add on.

Things settled down a lot, as you might figure, once the freezeout part started. I managed to move up some and held on well to make it to the final table but I was the small stack at roughly 1/8 or less of the leader. I doubled up on a desperation move with KTs which may have been questionable when I ended up all in against A4s, I had hearts he had diamonds. I caught a ten on the flop and it held up.

I won a few little hands, stole some blinds and held on to where I was 6th with 6 left. That was the bubble. The first two places paid seats and the last 3 cash.

I limped in in the small blind with K7o when the button limped, the big blind checked. The flop came down Q 7 3 rainbow. I bet out on the 7, around half the pot, about 1/4 of my stack I guess. The big blind (the chip leader) raised enough to put me all in. That is where I went brain dead. I called in the rest of my chips with a hand that could not even beat top pair. I had outs but not many. Far better I'd have just folded. I would not have had much to work with but I'd have had SOME chance to finish in the money then. The big blind turned up pocket 9's and my day was done when neither a K or another 7 came on the turn or river. 

Have I learned my lesson? I certainly hope so. No way should I have called like that without top pair and only 6 outs to even beat top pair. Also with the BB having limped in he could have had anything including any two pair. Oh well live and learn. I'm getting so sick of bubble finishes. I did it twice last night in SnG's. Those I think I played well though, just didn't get what I needed when I needed it. I was actually fairly lucky to get to 4th in those considering I was getting nothing much in the way of cards. In the second one I never even saw a real premium hand. I think the best I got was pocket 8's or maybe ATo.

Sometime soon I'll have to write about my poker experiences in Vegas. I had a blast needless to say and just being there while the WSOP was going on was awesome as was playing the one Super Satellite that I played.

On a happier note I've been in Melbourne and Daytona the past two days. Monday night in Melborune I took $65 out of the $2 straight game in around 2 1/2 hours. Tuesday in Daytona I was up $106 in about the same time period. I'd have stayed then but the table was breaking down, again, and didn't look like it was going to come back, also the player mix felt like it was changing and I decided it was as good a time as any to quit while I was ahead.

I've got a trip to Biloxi scheduled for this coming week and after that I think I may take a week off from poker and work on the other house. I'm starting to feel maybe  a little burned out since I've played a lot of hours and every single day for almost a month straight now including what will be three out of town trips in a little over a month.

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